Why Quality Is More Important Than Wedding Photography Prices

I cannot fail to stress the importance of getting a good quality wedding photography studio ie https://plus.google.com/+Grandeurweddingstudio/ when it comes to your wedding day. When it comes to actual day wedding photographs, it’s candid pictures and if you have any kind of experienced being photographed in a candid moment or photograph others in a candid shot, you will know how hard it is. Shots which are not posed are much more difficult to capture and look great! Also, you cannot repeat your wedding day, hence, you would not even be able to turn back time to get another wedding photographer to help you deal with it.

You might have read from recent news that there was an incident in Singapore in which a random studio took such bad photographs and with such horrible editing it looked like a total joke. As such, many couples in Singapore have woken up, and realized that prices is not the factor they should think about most, but the quality of the photographer they’re actually engaging. As a photographer myself, I feel happy about such events, because it wakes the consumer market up!

If you’re still wondering, here’s another point to drive the nail into the coffin. If a photographer were truly that good, he/she would be getting lots of customers, right? So this means that if at any kind of price, he/she would still be getting more customers than he/she can handle, why on earth would he/she lower his/her prices? You think he’s a charity? Dream on. Any wedding photographer or wedding photography studio worth his/their salt will never charge cheap prices. That’s where disasters happened like my previous point.

Investing in a good wedding photography studio is an investment well made in your wedding and relationship with your spouse. Otherwise, when you look back, you will realize the terrible mistake you made and you will start arguing. Why take that risk?

Choosing A Bridal Photoshoot Package In Singapore

With many bridal studios in Singapore offering their packages and suites for their customers, which bridal studio’s photoshoot should you go for? Some say you should look at the price, while others say you should look at the quality. I say you should look at something else altogether.

In my years of experience, here are some of the key things you should note when it comes to picking out a suitable wedding photography package in Singapore.

1. See how the photographs which the photographer has taken feels to you. Some people look for technically perfect photographs in a wedding photographer’s portfolio, but I recommend you see how it makes you feel. Some ‘perfect’ photographs don’t look good and don’t appeal to you, while others do. Make sure that the type of photographs taken by the wedding photographer you’re considering and the feeling that it evokes in you is exactly what you want.

2. Gut feeling – it can be more effective than you think. If you think that the package and the price and the quality is good, but something feels fishy about the company’s reviews and/or photographer(s), run. Sometimes, your subconscious picks up on things that you don’t even notice. If something feels incoherent, do not work with that person. Usually, if you get a bad gut feeling, it’s because there’s some incoherence in the studio/photographer’s behavior versus what they claim they’re able to do for you.

3. Always try to verify the photography studio’s reviews online (on independent websites and sources). This is because despite a photographer’s ‘awards’, his or her customer service support may not necessarily be good. This sounds pessimistic, but it’s not. It’s about being optimistic about achieving only the best quality results for your wedding photographs. You don’t want to end up with a mediocre photographer or someone who only replies you after 2 weeks and delivers your final photographs after 12 months. (Yes there are such cases in Singapore).

It’s so so so important to follow the above tips if you want a good photographer in Singapore for your wedding photography experience. If you need some recommendations, try out Grandeur Wedding, Nat Studios or perhaps Mindy Tan Weddings as well.

Best Lighting For Great Wedding Photographs

One of the most important things to making a wedding photograph (e.g. both pre wedding photography as well as actual day wedding photographs) look great is the lighting. The lighting can make or break a photograph. When you get the lighting right, that’s when the photograph looks nearly amazing (the remaining work you need is a good pose and angle).

Make sure to watch the above video, it’s a great video teaching people on how to take better looking wedding photographs by using the right lighting techniques in today’s photography world.

If you’re not sure how to take wedding photos, then just work with a good wedding photography studio in Singapore ( i.e. Grandeur Wedding Studio www.grandeurweddingstudio.com/photography-singapore) instead. They will do everything for you and your spouse, rather than you trying to do it yourself.

Here’s How To Ensure Your Wedding Photographs Look Good

Every bride wants her wedding photographs to be the most amazing ones the world has ever seen. However, the truth is, not everyone’s photographs turned out looking amazing. If you have looked around the Internet, you will soon realize that some brides had their biggest nightmare of their life when they saw the ugly photographs their wedding photographer took for them. Here are some tips to ensure that you end up with a reputable and the best possible wedding photographer in Singapore, and also to ensure that the photographs of you and your groom looks stunning.

Finding a good wedding photography studio

1. Step one to finding a wedding photography studio in Singapore (I personally recommend: Grandeur Singapore) which is actually worthy of being engaged is their portfolio. It doesn’t matter what accolades or awards they have won. If you don’t like the photographs they’ve taken before, what’s the point of putting up with useless awards which doesn’t mean anything to you? Even if a friend recommends you to a studio, make sure to check out the wedding photographs before deciding whether you want to engage them. Nothing is more important than checking out a photography studio’s portfolio by you and your fiance.

2. Check out for their reviews online. Check out independent sources online e.g. Google reviews, Facebook reviews, because those cannot be faked. If there’s a Yelp listing as well, make sure to check it out. You want to make sure that the reviews look legitimate and are good. There is no point signing up with a company which takes amazing photographs, but the reviews are all bad. It probably means that the photography studio in Singapore is either lying about their portfolio or that their customer service support is absolutely non-existent!!!!

3. Check their packages out. If their portfolio and reviews are excellent but their prices are too low. Be wary. If their portfolio and reviews are excellent, usually their prices would be proportionate to the quality. Just note.

How to make sure your wedding photographs look good?

A. Always sleep and drink sufficient water during the period leading up to your wedding photo shoot. This is extremely important to keep your skin looking radiant and fresh.

B. Exercise. Have you noticed that very often it’s the people who don’t exercise whatsoever that look terrible both in terms of their bodies as well as their face structure? Make sure to exercise.

C. Have fun! Enjoy yourself. That’s the best way to look good and natural.


Wedding Studios In Singapore

There are several (more than a handful of) wedding studios in Singapore). Picking one is not easy, especially not when you only need to pick a bridal studio only once in your life. You will virtually not have any other experience before now in picking a bridal studio for you and your fiance (and future spouse).

That’s why there’re reviews of them all around the Internet to help you understand in picking the right photography, gown company.

  1. Review of Grandeur Wedding Studio
    GWS in short, Grandeur Wedding Studio produces nothing short of exceptional quality especially when it comes to their wedding photo shoots as well as gown. With a stellar portfolio, Grandeur Wedding is a great place for couples looking to have their bridal photo shoot outdoors in Singapore (e.g. pre-wedding photography). They have tremendous packages for it, with even better photos to back it up. One thing you may want to note is that due to their high quality, they don’t come cheap. Don’t look for them if you want cheap stuff. If you need quality – Grandeur’s the brand name to go after. They have cheap referral rates for wedding gowns though, so check them out for that as well.
  2. Review of Alvin Adeline
    No review of wedding videographers in Singapore can not include AlvinAdeline & Co. The top videography company in Singapore, they produce tremendous quality within a short period of time. If you have not yet done so, make sure to check out their great video quality here: http://www.alvinadeline.com/. You cannot afford not to look at their website before engaging any wedding videographers if you’re looking to have a video shot within Singapore.
  3. Review of Dream Wedding Gown Rental
    One of Singapore’s top wedding gown rental companies, Dream Wedding provides long tail, Korean style as well as basic wedding gowns and dresses. Their rates are not that competitive, but their gowns are truly amazing. If you want their amazing wedding gowns, then check out companies like Grandeur Wedding. They have tie ups with Dream Wedding and so they’ll be able to offer you significantly cheaper rates than normal if you were to tie up with Dream Wedding directly,

Tips For Having Your Wedding Photography In Singapore?

If you are having your pre-wedding photography or actual day wedding photography in Singapore, you need to read this post. It’s absolutely important for couples going to their photo shoot in Singapore.

  1. Always make sure to bring your sun screen out as well as an umbrella if you’re looking to take outdoor wedding photographs. This is absolutely essential or you would get burnt or badly tanned by the end of the day… with bad tanlines. Make sure to put on your sunscreen and apply it regularly – especially for the bride to be. You don’t want to look red and have weird tan lines in your wedding dress for the actual day ceremony. Additionally, make sure to put on make up with built in sunscreen, or you would have a red or tanned face with a fair body. An umbrella is important because you want to perspire as little as possible. For the guys, please use an umbrella, especially if you’re wearing a suit. The worse thing you can do during an outdoor photography session for pre-wedding photo shoots is to act manly and end up perspiring all over, having weird stain marks, smell like a skunk and have a greasy face. Don’t act manly for the sake of spoiling your wedding photographs.
  2. Next of all, make sure to check out reviews of the wedding photographer you are going to engage online before using him or her. This is important because you cannot ‘test drive’ him or her. Depending on reviews from independent and accredited review sites is important (unless you also have friends with first hand experience). Also, it’s easy to check out reviews. In fact, I encourage you to shop for wedding photographers online first. Then check out their reviews, then shortlist them then meet them face to face if required.
  3. Always go for quality if the prices are similar. Don’t skimp on $20 and end up with a crappy photographer because you decided to be a cheapo. Your spouse won’t be very happy with you – guys just make more money and pay for the extra!
  4. Old and experienced doesn’t mean a good photographer, while young and ‘inexperienced’ doesn’t necessarily translate to a bad wedding photographer. It’s important to look at their quality. There are many cases of people hiring experienced and cheap wedding photographers, ending up with pain and regret.

With the above tips, you should be able to engage a good wedding photographer and have a pleasant wedding photography experience in Singapore. If you are searching for a good photographer, look no further than: http://www.grandeurweddingstudio.com/photography-singapore/.One of Singapore’s best outdoor wedding photography studios, Grandeur is couple’s best choice for a bridal studio in Singapore.

Getting Married In Singapore

Getting married in Singapore is no cheap matter. Make sure to read this post to know how to get the most value from your wedding related service providers as well as ensuring that your wedding ceremony goes smoothly.

First of all, it does not matter whether other people (read: random strangers) want your wedding to be simple, or lavish and invite hundreds of guests. What matters is, what does your heart tell you? If you want a simple one, go for it. If you want a grand one, go for it. Only by knowing what you really want can you find wedding photographers, gowns e.t.c. which really suit your tastes. Otherwise, you will be feeling bitter year down the road about the decision you made which you regret then. Think about the future.

Second of all, once you know what kind of wedding you want, your next step would be to find companies which suit your taste. If you’re searching for something simple, there is no need to go to the high end, exquisite type of wedding gown companies for e.g. All you need is just to go to a typical wedding gown store. On the flip side, if you want an exquisite wedding, then go for the high end brands. You can check them out on magazines even like Vogue.

Third of all, for your wedding photography needs, make sure to always get a top notch and the best photographer you can find in Singapore. This is regardless of the type of wedding you want. This is because if you don’t get a good one, you don’t get another shot at your wedding to retake the wedding photographs. You want a professional studio like Grandeur Wedding Studio (http://www.grandeurweddingstudio.com/) to handle your actual day wedding photographs so that you don’t need to consistently worry and they would be looking awesome and great.

Fourth of all, make sure to book a wedding car as well! This is especially important if you don’t have a car. Do you know how embarrassing it is to take the public transport or even a cab during your WEDDING day? Make sure to book in advance as you may not necessarily be able to book one if you wait till too last minute as they might have been booked up by other couples. BOOK yours early.